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What making a documentary about elder fraud taught me

Recognizing Elder Abuse

As elders become more physically frail, they’re less able to stand up to bullying and or fight back if attacked. They may not see or hear as well or think as clearly as they used to, leaving openings for unscrupulous people to take advantage of them. Mental or physical ailments may make them more trying…

Help prevent elder abuse

July is Elder Abuse Awareness Month in Illinois, but the principles outlined should be followed everywhere, especially since the U.S. Administration on Aging estimates that 700,000 to 3.5 million older Americans are abused each year nationwide. Some of the steps you can take to prevent abuse include calling or visiting an elderly loved one and…

Despite volume, elder abuse bills are needed

The elderly are particularly at risk for abuse and exploitation. A flurry of new bills are making their way through the Michigan legislature. Among them: “Require training for financial institution staff on financial exploitation, how to spot suspicious activity and how to report suspicious activity when detected; Expand the definition of abuse of vulnerable adults…

Largest elder exploitation case: Andrea Neil allegedly scammed as much as $3 million from Dorothy Mulkey, 73

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