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Raymond A. Harris records radio program on the effects of healthcare reform on small business

Last night I recorded a radio show on the effects of the healthcare reform bill on small business. In a week or so, the show will be broadcast on www.mientertainment.biz and www.talklansing.net and will also be available in podcast format. Will also be syndicated to various local radio stations in Michigan.

Consumers Guide To Health Reform – Kaiser Health News

The link goes to the Kaiser website that lists comprehensive information on the health care reform. http://www.kaiserhealthnews.org/Stories/2010/March/22/consumers-guide-health-reform.aspx

New Government Disability Web Page Launched

The U.S. Department of Labor this week launched Disability.gov, a redesigned federal Web site that connects the more than 50 million Americans with disabilities to thousands of trusted resources on disability-related issues, programs and services. Formerly known as DisabilityInfo.gov, the site has been completely redesigned and updated with new social media tools, such as a…

Medicaid v Private Insurance for the Poor Uninsured

This article attempts to explain the different arguments for expanding Medicaid to cover the poor uninsured versus providing vouchers for private insurance: http://www.kaiserhealthnews.org/Stories/2009/July/01/Medicaid.aspx

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